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Hosting Packages

12 Month Hosting, Emails and co.za domain, excluding website

R683 ex vat for the first 12 months / R57 ex vat per month.

12 Month Hosting, Emails and co.za domain renewal

R783 ex vat for the first 12 months / R65 ex vat per month.

12 Month Parked co.za domain, with Email service only, no website

R683 ex vat for the first 12 months / R57 ex vat per month.


Hosting with us has several benefits when you compare us to our competitors.

There is no transfer or setup cost when you move your domain over to us.

International hosting is perfect for small company sites. This solution is suited for less costly hosting solutions but the speed of browsing could be reduced.

Standard Hosting packages include:

  • FREE 'Let's Encrypt SSL certificate' with every domain.
  • FREE 30 minutes web development for minor changes to your website for simple content, such as phone numbers or email addresses. Terms apply.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • 15 Email accounts.
  • 250 Megabytes disk space.
  • Support – we have our own hosting division and can help you personally.
  • Added services, when you host with us, we can help with extra development web marketing services such as SEO far better.




R159 ex vat.


R600 ex vat.


R273 ex vat.


R316 ex vat.


R316 ex vat.


R413 ex vat.


R443 ex vat.


R815 ex vat.


R482 ex vat.


R268 ex vat.


R154 ex vat.


R389 ex vat.


R389 ex vat.


R439 ex vat.


R470 ex vat.


  • Domain transfers.
  • New domains.
  • Parked domains.


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